Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden

Exhibition date: 25-02- 2022 until 18-03-2022

I would love to invite you to the opening in Galerie Ursula Walter for the exhibition WAS UNS BETRIFFT on February 25th 2022 at Dresden, Germany. During the exhibition I will show my new film-installation CYBER STORY – CROSSING.

Participating artists: Judy van Luyk, Marielle Buitendijk, Ronald Bal, Su-Ran Sichling, Patricia Westerholz, Antje Seeger, Paul Elsner, Philip Gloger 

The exhibition is supported by: Goethe-Institut Niederlande, The City of Dresden and CBK Rotterdam.

My work is supported by: STROOM Den Haag

Jury member “Fall Term @ECC Performance Art”

Honored to be part of the Jury for the exhibition “Fall Term @ECC Performance Art” together with Claudia Brazzale and Laine Kristberga.

The exhibition “Fall Term @ECC Performance Art” will showcase a selection of participants’ work created during the practice-based courses of our fall term 2021 while giving insights into the dynamics of our programs, as for example Performance Art: From Idea to Execution, Performing the Memory, On Camera: Performing Identity in the Digital Age, or Identity, Ritual, Resistance: Performing the Body in Southeast Asia.

The exhibition will be curated by Anja Foerschner, director of ECC Performance Art, and built and designed by Francesca Albrezzi from FADAC.

Online course: ECC Performance | Performance Art NL


Wat ons betreft / Was uns betrifft

Exhibition from 16-10 to 12-11-2021.

Goethe-Institut / Westersingel 9, Rotterdam (Mon, Tues, Thu and Fri 10:00 – 14:30)
Het Archief / Robert-Fruinstraat 52, Rotterdam (Thu, Fri , Sat and Sun 13:00 – 18:00

For ten years now, the twin cities of Rotterdam and Dresden have been linked by an artist exchange program that has enabled more than two dozen Dresdeners and Rotterdammers to spend a few months in the other city. A wealth of artistic work has emerged as a direct or indirect result of the residencies, and new creative partnerships have emerged across national borders. Reason to ask: What has emerged in these ten years? What themes, what impulses did the other, new city bring with it?

During the exhibition I will show the work Folding in Reverse, 2021.

Participating artists:
Alaa Abu Asad, Lisa Maria Baier, Ronald Bal, Marielle Buitendijk, Oana Clitan, Philipp Gloger, Barbara Helmer, Susanne Keichel, Andreas Kempe, Simon Kentgens, Hanne Lange, Sarojini Lewis, Judy van Luyk, Johannes Makolies, Sandim Mendes, Niels Post, Guido Reddersen, Juliane Schmidt, Birgit Schuh, Antje Seeger, Otto Snoek en Patricia Westerholz.

More information Goethe-Institut Niederlande and CBK Rotterdam

This Art Fair 2021 | Kromhouthal Amsterdam

Folding in Reverse, filminstallatie with audio, This Art Fair 2021, at the Kromhouthal Amsterdam, Photo: Friso Spoelstra

You are cordely invited to This Art Fair, from 26 to 29 August, at the Kromhouthal Amsterdam. During the fair I will show my new film installation ‘Folding in Reverse’ and the performance ‘Error in Defoliation’.

Still: Folding in Reverse, filminstallatie with audio

The film installation is made of 3 porcelain panels with black/white film and audio. The porcelain panals were made during my artist-in-residence in Sundaymorning@EKWC (2020) and can be viewed in different ways due to the translucent effect. In this way I question the materiality of digital images. Now that we spend more time online and artworks mainly come to us digitally, I investigate the value of materials for sensory experience. The film installation shows dancers who playfully communicate in choreography through touch and feel.

Performance-installation Error in Defoliation , Ronald Bal, This Art Fair 2021, at the Kromhouthal Amsterdam, Photo: Friso Spoelstra

The performance installation Error in Defoliation is the first act of a two-hour performance, in which the performer plays with their printed body parts. And wondering what’s real and what’s not real. Are these my body parts or is this just reproduction? The objects are made from CT- and MRI-scans, in collaboration with the TU Dresden (Germany), and printed in 3D ceramic prints. The work creates a surreal doubling effect that plays with questions about truth and fiction.

My film installation can be seen in Stand G, right-hand side of the walking route, in the middle of the fair.

Live performance will be shown in the Break Out Room on Friday, August 27, at 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Dancers:   Ralph öllinger and Johanna Tenga

Editing:    Ronald Bal

My work is supported by: het Mondriaan Fonds en CBK Rotterdam

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Test Case XXIII, Sundaymorning@EKWC, July 3

You are cordially invited for Test Case XXIII, at Sundaymorning@EKWC in Oisterwijk, on July 3 2021 from 11:00 to 17:00. During the Test Case I will show my latest film Catalysis and a live performance, with work made during my residency at Sundaymornig@EKWC.

My film Catalysis forms the latest chapter within the Cyber Story – Series. Where a character performs in dualistic mystery holding parts of its body as both witness and victim from its own creation. In my research, the cyborg / cybernetic organism, plays a key role, in which the cyborg is considered a hybrid machine and organism in one.

Trailer: Catalysis

More information about Test Case XXIII at Sundaymorning@EKWC


Intersection: Unprecedented Journey

I am honored to be part of the exhibition Intersection: Unprecedented Journey. The exhibition supports the arts and healthcare in the US. During the exhibition I will show my film Moving Landscape, made at Cloud Danslab in the Hague.

Performers: Ralph öllinger, Sophia Oltmanns and Jorga Lok (circus artist), 黃祥昀 (Hsiang-yun) and Larysa Bauge (performance artist), Sonia Zini (dancer), James Hewitt (musician) Designer: Aliki van der Kruijs Filmmaker: Gemma Groot and Dorien Pfauth 

The Exhibition Intersection: Unprecedented Journey will run from March 19th, 2021- April 23rd, 2021 in Lexington Art League in Lexington, United States.


Embodied Interface Webinar (Online)

Join us in for a webinar to discuss about different visions and experiences of in the 90s as well as to see three new artworks from Asian, Latin American, and European artists in respond to the issue of embodied interface.

Embodied Interface Webinar
Location: Zoom Meeting
Date: Thursday, January 21, 2021 Time: 21:00 to 23:00 (GMT+08:00)



AiR Sundaymoring@EKWC

Looking back with great enthusiasm on a productive and special artist-in-residence at Sundaymoring@EKWC in Oisterwijk, The Netherlands. In which I was able to further develop my project Nature- / Databody and ‘Error in Defoliation’. During the residency I made 3D prints from CT-scan of my vital organs (brain, kidney, heart etc.) in porcelain. And new objects in ceramics for the performance-installation ‘Error in Defoliation’. Both projects will be further developed in 2021.

Performance-Installation ‘Error in Defoliation’, 2020, AiR Sundaymorning@EKWC
3D print of my brain in porcelain, Project Nature-/ Databody, AiR at Sundaymorning@EKWC, 2020.
Performance-Installation ‘Error in Defoliation’, 2020, AiR Sundaymorning@EKWC