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In relation to the current situation in the Netherlands and other countries I made an online exhibition called Cyber Story – Series:

Cyber Story – Series

Ceramic objects: porcelain, Performance-Installation ‘Error in Defoliation’, AiR Sundaymorning@EKWC, 2021

Part 4: January 1 to January 31, 2021

Ceramic mask: Performance-Installation ‘Error in Defoliation’, AiR Sundaymorning@EKWC
Photo: Jiaojiao Li, 2020
Ceramic works: Performance-Installation ‘Error in Defoliation’, AiR Sundaymorning@EKWC, 2020

Part 3: August 1 to August 30,2020

Live Performance: Re-carving Body Plant Image, 2018-201
3D MRI scan, 2020

Part 2: July 1 to July 31, 2020

Spoken Word: Re-Presence

From Machine to Man to Machine to Machine to Machine to Man to Machine…

Trailer: Cyber Story – Folding
Duration: 20 minutes 3-Channel Film Installation

The film installation researches the folding of the body and its physical grammar, which not only shape the skeleton but our connection with others as well. The film is based on (non-) verbal communication, a physical choreography of mathematical messages between two performers.

Performers: Ralph öllinger and Johanna Tengan
Music: Marcel Herkelman
Support: CBK Rotterdam
The film A Thousand-and-One Cuts is related to the live performance of Ronald Bal.
Shown during Co-Creation Live Art Factory 2020 in Venice, Italy.

Performance text: N0 love for the Poor N0 love for the Indigenous N0 love for the Animal N0 love for the Beggar N0 love for the Refugee N0 love for the Homeless N0 love for the Plant N0 love for the Junkie.

Part 1: June 1 to June 30, 2020

Cyber Story – Crossing
Cyber – Story – Inner Body (still)
Cyber Story–Humanoids (detail)
Cyber Story–Humanoids
Materials: Tempera, foil, inkjet print (hacked), wood and copper.
Size: 160×200 cm

Special thanks to:

Goethe-Institut Niederlande

Technische Universität Dresden

CBK Rotterdam

City of Dresden

Galerie Raskolnikow

C. Rockefeller Center for the contemporary Arts